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With the extent with which we use computers today ‘for both professional and personal use’ it’s safe to say we’ve all encountered the need for computer repair in some form. Whether it’s spy ware or a network crash, computer maintenance is what can save us from slowed computer performance, corrupted files, data loss, and time wasted.Not surprisingly, the birth of computer repair coincided with the rise of computer use. A complicated piece of technology, a computer is nonetheless used by most of us daily. We sit down at our computers and effortlessly check our emails, stock quotes, and the latest news. We research show times and restaurants. We work our 9 to 5 jobs, using laptops, virtual communication, and hand held devices. Indeed, much in our lives revolves around the computer. It’s no wonder why computer maintenance is so valuable a solution and for the technician, a coveted skill.Given the many uses for computers, there are as many potential problems, errors, and failures. Thus for computer repair, there are at least as many possible fixes. As a result, knowing what to do to fix your computer can seem like an impossible task. However, if you think about it, most of us have picked up a few tricks along the way that have proven effective. For smaller problems, computer repair is entirely possible by ourselves. For more serious problems though, consulting a professional is the best route.The main reason why professionals should be consulted is because a person could do more damage to a computer by trying to fix an unknown problem on their own. To avoid such mishaps, it’s best to ask an expert to take a look. Pinpointing the problem is really the biggest part of any computer repair, as it will reveal the exact fix that’s needed to get the system working properly again.For computer repair technicians, this is the main aspect of their service. Diagnostics do not have to be performed in person necessarily, as most computer manufacturers and Internet service providers have call centers for troubleshooting and offer their advice over the phone, via live chat, or email. Business-wise, most companies have a tech-support staff that can help with most problems, from email to lost files.Computer repair can be as simple as choosing different settings to full-on data recovery using involved techniques such as zero-knowledge analysis. Given that most computer technicians are specialized, the chances are good that a team can help with all your problems: viruses, spy ware, firewall protection, virtual private networks (VPN), emergency data recovery, RAID recovery, system upgrades, etc.Computer maintenance pertains to both hardware repair and software repair. At times, installation or uninstallation of software is needed. At others, a small adjustment to preferences will solve the problem. Again, computer repair is wide-ranging. Desktops, mainframes, and supercomputers can all encounter similar problems, but on a different scale. Portable devices will also have related problems, but knowing the system inside a laptop or notebook is a bit different than a PC. This is the reason why most companies have a number of technicians on staff, as one may be more specialized in one area of computer repair than another.Fixing your computer can be as basic as rebooting your computer, but it can also be as complex as reinstalling the system . Overall, the service of computer repair is relatively new, but the demand for it is growing at a rapid pace. Naturally, the aim is to keep up with all of the new advancements in computer technology which seemingly change by the day.